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Course Access: Lifetime
Course Format: Online
One out of every five children experience mental illness annually, yet less than half of them receive treatment. These challenges impact individuals from diverse backgrounds – psychological distress does not discriminate. Despite the prevalence of mental health issues, adolescents often hesitate to seek assistance due to feelings of shame. This hesitance could sadly lead to severe outcomes, as mental illness diminishes a child’s quality of life and, at times, leads to suicide.

Empower yourself by participating in our online training session, creating a supportive environment for individuals struggling with mental health issues. This course will provide you with the knowledge to recognize mental and behavioral illness, develop a safe and effective response to crises, and establish a network to promptly link distressed adolescents with professional help.


You Will Learn:

  • What the terms “mental and behavioral health” and “mental and behavioral health illness” mean, how does psychological distress manifest itself, and how mental illness impact an adolescent’s life.
  • The main symptoms of mental and behavioral health disorders.
  • The truth behind misconceptions surrounding mental and behavioral health disorders.
  • How and why children and teens self-harm, the nature of suicidal thoughts, and how to help someone who is contemplating ending their life.
  • How to communicate with an adolescent in distress and refer them to a professional for assistance.
  • How to start the conversation about mental and behavioral health in your community.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will be able to support those experiencing mental and behavioral illness or distress.
  • You will have a better understanding of the most common mental and behavioral health topics.
  • The course will provide you with the knowledge you need to aid those struggling with mental and behavioral illness, specifically related to referrals for treatment.

Course Lessons:

  • Introduction
  • The First “R” Recognize: Recognize mental and behavioral health problems
  • The Second “R” Relate: Relate to those with mental and behavioral health challenges
  • The Third “R” Reveal: Reveal a starting point for care
  • Conclusion to Empower Schools


Who can take the course?

Anyone who has an interest in gaining a greater understanding of this subject is encouraged to take the course.

The course is made up of individual lessons. They can be taken all at once or based on your schedule. You can complete the online course at any time you would like. The course is compatible with all devices.

You can complete the online course at any time you would like. The course is compatible with all devices.

Once you have completed all modules there is a final quiz you will need to complete and pass to receive your Certificate of Completion.

No, we don’t offer in-person training. Visit our course catalog to view all of our online courses.

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